FTMO, a proprietary trading firm based in the Czech Republic, provides a unique proposition for traders around the world. This firm offers forex traders the opportunity to manage its capital if they can prove their profitability and trading discipline through a structured evaluation process, often known as the “FTMO Challenge.

FTMO Business Model

FTMO’s business model is ingenious. It invites traders to show their capabilities via a two-stage evaluation process. In the first stage, traders undergo the FTMO Challenge, followed by the Verification stage. Successful traders are then provided with a funded account with which they can begin trading. Profitable trades result in a 70% profit share to the trader, with the remaining 30% going to the prop firm. A critical point to note is that the trader risks no personal capital in the trading process, essentially meaning they are trading with the company’s money.

FTMO Challenge and Verification

The Challenge and Verification stages are core aspects of FTMO’s model. The firm’s Challenge requires traders to achieve a certain percentage of profit within a specified time frame while adhering to stringent rules around maximum loss levels. The challenge serves as a litmus test for a trader’s skill, discipline, and risk management, which are crucial in the volatile world of forex trading.

If successful in the Challenge phase, traders proceed to the Verification stage, where the objectives are slightly more lenient. The Verification stage helps confirm a trader’s consistency. Only after passing both stages does a trader qualify to manage FTMO’s funds.


  • Capital Access: the company provides traders with access to significant trading capital, allowing profitable traders to scale their earnings beyond what their own capital would allow.
  • No Personal Risk: Traders do not risk their own capital. If trades go wrong, it is the prop trading firm capital on the line. This risk-free environment can allow traders to focus on trading strategies without the potential for personal financial loss.
  • Educational Resources: they provides a wealth of educational resources, including trading webinars, articles, and guidance, which can assist in honing trading skills and knowledge. They also offer psychological support, recognizing that the trader’s mindset plays a key role in trading success.
  • Trading Community: Being part of FTMO also means becoming part of a global trading community, where ideas, experiences, and strategies can be shared and discussed.


  • Challenge Difficulty: The Challenge, while an effective filter for profitable traders, can be quite difficult. Traders are required to adhere to strict parameters, and while these rules serve to instill discipline, they may also limit certain trading strategies.
  • Challenge Fee: To participate in the FTMO Challenge, there’s an upfront fee that varies based on the account size selected. If a trader fails the Challenge, this fee is not refunded.
  • Profit Sharing: Although the trader takes no financial risk, they also do not receive 100% of the profits generated. FTMO retains 30% of all profits made, meaning that traders get 70% of the profits.

Impartiality and Transparency

FTMO has positioned itself as a partner for traders, setting up structures that benefit both parties when traders are successful. However, FTMO’s stringent rules around daily loss limits, maximum drawdown, and minimum trading days are parameters that traders must be willing to work within. The firm’s approach emphasizes discipline, risk management, and consistency – essential attributes for any successful trader.

Furthermore, FTMO offers a high level of transparency. The entire process, from the Challenge to profit payouts, is outlined clearly on the firm’s website. They also provide comprehensive customersupport and an FAQ section to address common queries.

Educational Support

In addition to providing financial capital, FTMO invests in the education and development of its traders. They offer a comprehensive suite of learning materials, including webinars, e-books, blog articles, and trading advice. The focus isn’t merely on technical and fundamental analysis, but also on trading psychology – a frequently underestimated aspect of trading success.

Trader’s Community

FTMO’s emphasis on community building is noteworthy. As an FTMO trader, one becomes part of a global network of traders, providing a platform for learning, sharing ideas, and mutual growth. A sense of community can be a valuable asset in the trading world, which is often characterized by individualism and isolation.

Technological Infrastructure

FTMO’s infrastructure and interface are user-friendly and robust, offering traders various analytical tools and account metrics. This can help traders identify their strengths and weaknesses and formulate or adjust their strategies accordingly. Additionally, FTMO supports a wide range of trading platforms, including but not limited to Metatrader 4/5, cTrader, and NinjaTrader.

Potential Improvements

While FTMO provides a robust offering for prospective forex traders, there are potential areas for improvement. The entry barrier, specifically the upfront cost for the Challenge, may deter some talented yet financially constrained traders. A scholarship or aid system could be considered to encourage wider participation.

The profit-sharing scheme, while understandable from a business perspective, might be another point of contention. Some traders might prefer a model where they retain a higher percentage of their profits, even if that meant putting up some of their own capital.

Lastly, FTMO might consider expanding its educational support to offer more personalized or advanced training, catering to the specific needs and strategies of individual traders.


In conclusion, FTMO provides an intriguing opportunity for skilled forex traders. By eliminating the need for personal capital investment and providing potential access to substantial trading funds, FTMO breaks down some of the barriers to entry in the forex market.

The firm’s emphasis on discipline, risk management, and trader education aligns well with the traits of successful trading. However, the Challenge and Verification stages may prove difficult for some traders, and the profit-sharing model means traders won’t keep all of their hard-earned profits.

Nevertheless, for traders with the skills and discipline to pass the firm’s evaluation, FTMO provides an avenue to take their trading to the next level. It’s recommended that anyone considering this path do thorough research, understand the firm’s requirements, and be honest about their trading capabilities and style.